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4 Most Popular Tuner Cars: Ultimate Custom Cars

The tuned cars world cannot be all Mustangs & BMW M3s. Sports cars lovers want an affordable machine with high-performance, which is fun to tune and drive. They are the best Tuner Cars ever built.

They have been a real joy to drive since they have gone off the factory production line, but all of them reached the next level. Thanks to a legion of home mechanics and loyal fans. Who until this day, they squeeze out every last bit of horsepower of these machines.

The launch of a brand new car is a momentous event, the culmination of years of very careful designing, planning, and testing. On the other side, there are often people who cannot wait to get that tuned engine and nicely-made sheet metal.

We looked for cars which probably won’t need any restoration work to make them roadworthy. The ones for which knowledgeable mechanics with the right amount of aftermarket parts are available. Here are the four most popular tuner cars:

1. Ford Mustang

Ever since Ford commissioned Carroll Shelby to develop their first GT 350, the Mustang has been the best for performance upgrades.


The 1979 introduction of the “Fox-body” Mustang and following decade of development demonstrated that this muscle car could survive in the new technology of electronic fuel injection. And even emissions controls while remaining attractive to hot drivers.

That is still the case nowadays. It may not be your dad’s Mustang, but it does look like it. Therefore, presumably, will the all-new 2016 model.

2. Mazda MX-5 Miata

It may seem to be a toy, but the Miata is a generic sports car which can be modified for various uses.

Mazda Miata
Mazda Miata

Most of those uses include crash helmets and speed. Whether it is at a drift event, on a road course or dodging the cones at an Autocross, The Miata will impress you. Installing a V8 engine into one of these little roadsters is very common.

3. Porsche 911

This one might require a higher reserve of cash and skill, but it promises similar significant results. The 911 model, one of the only high-end sports cars, have significant modification and customization support, perhaps because it wears changes entirely.

Porche 911
Porche 911

From the peerless developments of Singer and Magnus Walker to determined track rats. There is an incredible amount of possibilities for a car which has not changed much in almost 50 years.

4. BMW 3 Series/M3

BMW 3 Series is not only the pride of car magazines but also the darling of the garage. Modified Euros (meaning German) cars have gained fame in the United States as Japanese staple models. Undeniably, credit goes to the three series.


It compact rear-wheel-drive chassis creates an excellent basis of performance modes. There is also enough room to improve its handsome-but-staid exterior. Despite its luxury badge, identifying a used three series is also very easy. Any of the previous generations will do an impressive performance on race tracks.

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