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An Easy to Follow Guide to Care for liquid Cars batteries!

Car battery, Is it essential? Regardless of how cool or expensive, your car is, if it has a malfunctioning battery, the entire package will be faulty.

Many car owners, especially those with brand new cars, often take battery care for granted, thinking it will stay in its best state forever. But it’s not. The last thing you’ll need is an engine that will not start because of a dead battery.


The good news is, you can save yourself from the expensive service fees and free yourself from the worry of being struggled somewhere by doing a 10-minute battery check-up and performing essential maintenance tips.

Besides having a set of wrenches always ready, a hydrometer, cable puller, post cleaner or side terminal are all a must-have. You can find these items in an auto parts store. You can avoid periodic battery replacement, but regular maintenance is still necessary.

Clean the car cables

First, you have to clean the top of your car battery and get rid of any sign of corrosion on the wires. You can do this by using WD 40 or any other spray similar to it, and a plastic brush. Start disconnecting cables, negative cable first then the positive one. Then, un tight the cable clamp bolts and give it a soft twist. When you finally remove the clamps, clean off the corrosion that is often around the battery terminals with your cleaner.

Test the electrolyte level

Some types of battery have liquid electrolyte inside it when inspecting, gently take off the covers of battery cells. The mixture of water and acid in the battery, known as the electrolyte, should be approximately ½ in deep. If water is below the average level, consider only using clean distilled water and don’t overfill the cells. Then don’t forget to inspect the case of the battery for any small cracks. If a crack is present, immediately replace this battery.

Check and charge the battery

You should check the electrolyte level in each separate cell. Get a liquid clipper tube. You can squeeze the ball and get some solution to the tester. Take note of your reading, then refill the solution to the cell. Please, note that a fully charged battery should have 1.265V or higher. If you find the reading is normal or lower, recharge it.

When setting up the new battery, Be sure to remove the battery hold-down clamp first. When disconnecting the cables, always start with the negative cable, then the positive one. Also, it’s preferred to replace your current battery with one that has a higher Amps.
Lift out the old battery. Do this by tying a heavy-duty robe or strap to the side of the battery and lift it out gently. Be very careful. The acid inside the battery can be dangerous.


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