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كورفيت 2020 الجديده تفقد موظفي شركه جينيرال موتورز  عقولهم ويتم القبض عليهم


كورفيت 2020  الجديده كليا لم تذهل جمهورها فقط , بل اذهلت صانعيها ايضا , حيث لم يتمالك مهندسي شركه  جينيرال موتورز  عقليهما عندما سنحت لهم الفرصه وقاما بالتسابق علي الطرق السريعه بولايه كنتاكي الأمريكية ولكن لسؤ حظهم , كانت الشرطه الامريكيه لهم بالمرصاد , حيث تم القاء القبض علي اليكساندر …

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Why renting a Supercar is a Better Deal than Buying!


Why renting A Supercar Is A Better Deal To go for Than Buying? Buying a supercar isn’t the best decision for a normal man. These cars are known with high prices, impressive comfort, high-level driving expertise, attractive charm, and classy. Such vehicles are designed to fulfill the necessities of high-end …

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Which type of cars can be considered a sports car?

Cheve Camaro

What is the definition of sports cars? It’s a vehicle that is designed and manufactured to give back high performance on roads — tight handling as well as flashy look. The autos have been an ordinary fascination among people all over the globe, given the fact that they have an …

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4 Most Popular Tuner Cars: Ultimate Custom Cars


The tuned cars world cannot be all Mustangs & BMW M3s. Sports cars lovers want an affordable machine with high-performance, which is fun to tune and drive. They are the best Tuner Cars ever built. They have been a real joy to drive since they have gone off the factory …

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