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Some of the Best Electric Cars in the market.

Electric Car

Do you think the Electric car is a new invention? I’m afraid you’re wrong. In 1832 The first electric car was invented by Robert Anderson. Nowadays, after the big step in batteries and electric motors, electric vehicles are taking a good share of the cars market, competing against gasoline cars. …

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At last, Tesla met it’s rival, the new Nissan Leaf e+


With a resized engine and battery, the Nissan Leaf e + no longer fears the comparison with the Tesla Model 3. What are its real assets? The 100% electric compact of the Japanese manufacturer is fantastic. By gaining power and autonomy, it now offers an exciting alternative to the Tesla …

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An Easy to Follow Guide to Care for liquid Cars batteries!


Car battery, Is it essential? Regardless of how cool or expensive, your car is, if it has a malfunctioning battery, the entire package will be faulty. Many car owners, especially those with brand new cars, often take battery care for granted, thinking it will stay in its best state forever. …

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Concept Cars will be Released by 2020

Toyota Supra Concept

Let’s start the 2020 party with the long waited Concept Cars Toyota Supra Created in mystery, the Toyota Supra has been in Concept Cars fantasy world till Toyota announced it would be in the market very soon. While probably it will be packing the legendary 2JZ, it does use a …

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