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What is car drifting?

Car drifting is one of the fantastic techniques/stunts you can achieve as a driver. It is an old technique that most professional racers and enthusiasts love to watch or do it them selfs. Mainly car drift occurs when the car is kept in a continuous state of turning with the slip of rear wheels maintained higher than that of the front wheels. It is a result of intentional over-steering with the potential of losing traction in the rear wheels or all wheels while maintaining corner control. In most cases, the front wheels are often facing the opposite direction of the cars turn. When the car is turning left the front wheels steer right or vice versa.

Car Drifting

Car Drift Competitions

Car drifting has its championships held in various parts of the world. Usually, best performance judged according to the speed of the car during the drift, the showmanship, and brilliance of the driver, angle of drift and line taken when turning a corner or set of curves. Although the original birthplace of drifting is unknown, It’s often credited to Japan where the earliest forms of drifting techniques were developed. It was seen in the All Japan (touring car championships) as far back as the early 70s and quickly spread to places like California.

The fun of Car Drift

To achieve a car drift, you must have complete control of the steering, brakes, clutch, accelerator. It involves ultimate control of the car at its limits, which spurs much excitement, confidence, and fun. Although most track traditionalists will probably tell you that drifting is not the safest way to take up a corner. What matters is the experience and effectiveness of manipulating sharp turns at high speed.

Nonetheless, this does not mean you throw caution out of the window. There are many cases of drifting attempts gone bad resulting in fatal accidents. It is vital to take enough time to study the technique at the grass surface before hitting the roads. Cars used to achieve a drift should also be in perfect condition with suitable tires.

Toyota Supra Drifting


Car drift is fun to watch and much more fun to accomplish when you are the one sitting on the driver seat. Once you master the technique, there will be an exciting feeling of repeating it in any sharp corner. However, it is illegal to try random drifting in public roads as this can result in road accidents.

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