Tesla Model S

How to Maintain your Electric Car Battery?

How to Keep your Electric car battery in a healthy state? Many of us rushed to or willing to buy an Electric car. Without a doubt getting our hands on this new fantastic technology will make most of us very happy. But on another side, this new technology will require …

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Cheve Camaro

Which type of cars can be considered a sports car?

What is the definition of sports cars? It’s a vehicle that is designed and manufactured to give back high performance on roads — tight handling as well as flashy look. The autos have been an ordinary fascination among people all over the globe, given the fact that they have an …

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An Easy to Follow Guide to Care for liquid Cars batteries!

Car battery, Is it essential? Regardless of how cool or expensive, your car is, if it has a malfunctioning battery, the entire package will be faulty. Many car owners, especially those with brand new cars, often take battery care for granted, thinking it will stay in its best state forever. …

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Car Drifting

What is car drifting?

Car drifting is one of the fantastic techniques/stunts you can achieve as a driver. It is an old technique that most professional racers and enthusiasts love to watch or do it them selfs. Mainly car drift occurs when the car is kept in a continuous state of turning with the …

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