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Some of the Best Electric Cars in the market.

Do you think the Electric car is a new invention?

I’m afraid you’re wrong. In 1832 The first electric car was invented by Robert Anderson. Nowadays, after the big step in batteries and electric motors, electric vehicles are taking a good share of the cars market, competing against gasoline cars.

If you decided to go electric, that would require a new driving style. When you ran out of fuel, its matter of minutes in a gas station and you’re ready to move again on the roads. But charging an electric car will take some time which will not be suitable for some drivers lifestyle. You ought to plan your daily route, distance and nearest charging station must be planned very well before any trip on the road.

Many electric cars are available on the market now, let’s take a look at them, and you can decide which one is suitable for your needs.

Hyundai Kona

Kona reshaped in 2019, and With its beautiful interior, you will love driving it for long-distance. A lovely look with fast acceleration and regenerative brakes, its range per charge about 258 miles. Kona deserves to be one of the best electric cars on the market, also Hyundai has a petrol version of the Kona which can be considered a tough player against many other medium SUVs in the market.


Chevrolet Bolt

When Tesla was the only player on the electric cars foreground, the Bolt came to challenge Tesla. with an excellent space for cargo, range about 250 miles per charge, but it’s front seat considered a little bit tight with a plastic interior


Nissan Leaf

Getting its new design and powerful advanced electric system, the Leaf became quieter, comfortable, and a pleasure to drive on the road. In the other side, the steering wheel is has a fixed position which might annoy some drivers, it has 240 miles range which considered very good.


Hyundai Ioniq

Considered the lowest cost in the electric cars category. The Ioniq has it’s attractive design with its effective powertrain system and a range of 124 miles. It’s back seat isn’t the best in similar size cars.


Tesla Model S

Despite its an old model in electric cars category but still one of the best on the market. No one can resist its beautiful, comfortable cabin and attractive outside design. With a range of 370 miles, Tesla Model S is one of the best EV, although the price is high.



Tesla Model 3

Cheaper than its sister “Model S” but still attractive with excellent performance. Tesla Model 3 Tend to be sporty a little bit with a beautiful big cabin. You will find a big touch screen in the middle to control most of the options and receiving data. It’s Range about 310 miles.



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