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Is it worth buying a used car?

Is buying a used car a good idea?

Let’s think together, The car industry is overgrowing and cars costs are going up. New vehicles are becoming costlier each year. Making them an excessive cost purchase for the typical guy and quite sarcastically. The average life span of a car is going down no matter the consistent upward trend in costs, which brings in good news for used car buyers!


Thanks to the manufacturer for creating newer versions of their models faster now in comparison to 3 years ago. An increasing number of modern cars are entering the used cars market, which makes it clean so that it will make a bargain without having to bust your wallet.

A used car makes an excellent feel for first-time customers upgrading from two-wheeler or public transportation, or for that rely on, someone searching to buy a second set of wheels in the family. Now, here’s five reasons clarifying why shopping for a used car instead of a brand new is a great option.

Reason 1: save extra money, then you can upgrade your choice

It takes less than a minute for a new vehicle. Immediately out from a showroom, to lose from 8 to 10% of its purchase value because it entered used car territory. When going for used vehicle approach, You will pay much less than the original price of a new one (depending on the year of manufacture and kilometers). Because of this, you can save a decent amount of cash.

Used car Show Room
Used car Show Room-Source:flickr.com

Reason 2: Used car offers you “No worry” drive experience

A used vehicle comes with its perks. The best benefit is the feeling of “No Worry” driving experience. Without the worry feelings of having first dent or scratch, issues that new cars are vulnerable to. You could even take it out for longer trips as soon as you buy it. Most modern cars buyers avoid such trips before completing the first maintenance inspection.

Reason 3: No cheating anymore, now get certified used car with dealer guarantee

As the cars industry has developed, the process of used cars are being sold or bought has advanced as well. Now, you don’t need to rely on just the verbal assurance of a salesman, supplier, or an individual regarding the used vehicle being in a perfect condition. You now own the power of certification at your fingertips! You may quickly go browsing and check for certifications, which might be checked by a licensed engineer to make sure your purchased car is without a problem.

Reason 4: Slower depreciation method you lose less cash

Each car undergoes depreciation, but a used vehicle has a top hand for the same circumstances while compared to a brand new one. It depreciates at a slower rate while compared to a new car.

Used Car for sale
Used Car for sale-Source:flickr.com

Reason 5: insurance is less expensive, and you don’t need to pay additional fees

Getting your insurance will cost you a much cheaper value in comparison to a new one. That together with soaring extra taxes and different other expenses makes a new one a quite high cost.

With the extensive quantity of financial savings in conjunction with the warranty of certification and guarantee. You will almost get all the right options in a used car that one would expect to have when shopping for a brand new one. Later on, if you decided to sell it, you will lose less amount of cash than a brand new car might do. In particular, for the first-timers, a used vehicle is a better option and low-cost at the same time.

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