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Lexus LC500 2019 model, can’t stop looking at it.

With its curved body, you stand in front of the Lexus LC500, and you feel it looks like a pretty woman that you would love to hug it. When you hear its engine sound and feel the massive V-8 thrust while accelerating the car, you say to your self, oh no, it’s a monster.


Lexus made the 2019 LC500 more comfortable than its 2018 model, its suspension is softer and knows how to absorb road stiffness. On another side, Lexus didn’t change the infotainment touchpad screen, it feels and works like a laptop touchpad.

Lexus LC500 is a better ride

In 2018 LC500, the 21-inch wheel with the rear-wheel artificial-feeling steering feature made the ride feels very choppy, that feel was fixed in the 2019 LC500 model. It has Bridgestone Turanza 20-inch wheels with taller sidewalls, and the rear-wheel steering was removed. All the previous helped the car to gain much more comfort and stability on the road.


The 2019 LC500 driving style became much more beautiful than before, even in the default driving mode, which is “comfort mode.” The electronically adjustable suspension does its best to deliver the most comfortable driving feeling while driving. The steering is straightforward without any sudden rear-wheel steering interruption while turning. It changes the direction in a stable, predictable way now.


Intending to make every part move towards comfort zone, that pulls back the LC500 away from the sport zone

Speaking about the engine, its equipped with V-8 5.0 liter naturally aspirated engine, without using a turbocharger which eliminates the lag when torque is needed on low rev. The acceleration of this lovely beast is not aggressive, it serves the total target of the car, to make it pleasant sports comfort car

The Engine will not give you that launch neck kickback, it’s smooth acceleration is beautiful. It will push your body slowly into the seat

The V8 engine has an excellent sound without pushing it to its maximum. The intake sound looks like singing. The engine is well-tuned, you don’t need to look at the tachometer, you will know when the engine is accelerating by its sound. But it never reaches that annoying suffering sound, the decrease and increase in the sound will inform the driver that transmission is busy changing gears

Intended for your comfort not to smash your rivals on the street

Unfortunately, the 2019 performance is not better than the previous 2018 model, the 0 to 60 mph was slower by 0.1 second. It does it in 4.7 seconds. Also, the tire grip is less than the previous model which was equipped with 21-inch wheels

Of-course less grip means less brakes performance, with the 20-inch tires the LC500 brakes from 70 mph in 13 feet more than 2018 model, it takes 169 feet to stop completely.


The reduction in grip is not significant, but if you take this coupe to a race track you’ll feel the difference, you’ll feel that it’s not what expected from Lexus. It will be better to have much more road stiffens and performance instead of more comfort. It suits that kind of businessmen, who need relaxation, comfortably and luxury finish with some sports performance that will impress your passengers.

The most strong element in this car is its exterior design. It looks like the concept cars that we see in every auto shows around the world. But it’s between us and for sale to the public, it has been two years since it was launched and its exterior lines still eye-catching.


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