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Monster reborn, meet the Bugatti Centodieci.

Bugatti intends to reborn its old monster back by releasing the Bugatti Centodieci. In the marketing world, the auto manufacturer knows in order to keep the eyes spotted on your brand, You should have breaking news or a new special edition release from time to time. Stephan Winkelmann, the president of Bugatti, knows that since he was in Lamborghini before he joins Bugatti.


Bugatti had done that before when it released “La Voiture Noire”, and it’s doing it again with a new limited edition release of Bugatti Centodieci, Based on Chiron and inspired by EB110. They will produce only ten copies and with a price will reach $9milion per copy

Cars Designers says, Old glorious cars aren’t dead, they still an inspiration to produce new models,

Bugatti Centodieci and EB110

In the late 80s, Romano Artioli, an Italian businessman, established a new factory near Modena, located in Campogalliano in Italy. Leading auto manufacturer world with new high technology by using carbon fibre structure and V12 Engine fitted with 60 valves and four turbo producing 550HP

Unfortunately, EB110 didn’t sell as expected. Only 139 car was sold, the car market wasn’t ready to accept another high priced supercar, Bugatti returned back into shadow.


In 1998, Bugatti was unknown. No one remembers it’s achievements in high-performance cars or old races and models, and no one remembers the EB110 and the competition against McLaren F1, Volkswagen unexpectedly decided to buy the brand

Romano Artioli was not a beginner in the supercar field. His main business was selling and importing supercars, He thought. To create a piece of art car, he should gather the most exceptional expertise in that field, he was correct, starting with the external shape. He asked  Marcello Gandini to design the outer lines, Gandini is famous for his other designs for Lamborghini cars. Like the famous “Countach” which was the most eye-catching car in its era.

Bugatti Centodieci-front
Bugatti Centodieci

Many other brilliant members joined Bugatti team, Ex-Ferrari Technical: Nicola Materazzi he was named, father of F40, technical director Mauro Forghiers and Loris Biccochi was Bugatti Test Driver

in 1994, Schumacher achieved his first title, he celebrated by buying a Bugatti EB110, but unfortunately, that didn’t inspire many others to buy the EB110.

To bring back the EB110, it was a very challenging task, according to Achim Anscheidt, the Bugatti chief designer. The new Centodieci will be based on the Chiron mechanical base with EB110 exterior lines, and it was complicated to merge them.

The Centodieci replicate EB110 headlight with a modern touch, same with the small front grille, and a big moving rear wing to enhance the downforce.

The new mechanical improvement made the Centodieci the quickest accelerating Bugatti ever made, its 8000cc W-16 engine fitted with quad-turbocharger produce 1577HP, according to Bugatti. The Centodieci accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 2.4 seconds and from 0 to 186mph in 13.1 seconds, that is quicker than Chiron by 0.5 second

The massive rear wing increases the downforce by 90kg to improve stability. The top speed is 236 mph, and it’s electronically limited, unfortunately, its less than Chiron by 25 mph.

I guess the Centodieci will represent its older sister EB110 very well in the supercar market these days with its beautiful exterior lines and brilliant mechanical base taken from the impressive Bugatti Chiron.


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