The Lamborghini Urus Review

Check out the new Lamborghini Urus. The New Lamborghini Urus doesn’t have many models to compare and select. But that’s doesn’t mean that this model is un-customizable, it’s catalog is full of many options for every tiny part and detail which is more than enough to customize a car that …

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The new Ford S-Max review

Why MPV vehicle such as Ford S-Max is growing? Well, you have to ignore the fact that Ford S-Max is not a funky SUV and has a taste of an “airport taxi race.” But do not think that s-max is boring, familiar rudder — historically, it has been a smell …

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Review

Tesla finally released the long-awaited 35,000 versions of model 3 in the United States. Currently, the company is working on several versions of the model 3 “Standard Range”, which can travel 220 miles around a single charge. Previously, the most affordable model 3 began to reduce prices in February to …

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Why renting a Supercar is a Better Deal than Buying!

Why renting A Supercar Is A Better Deal To go for Than Buying? Buying a supercar isn’t the best decision for a normal man. These cars are known with high prices, impressive comfort, high-level driving expertise, attractive charm, and classy. Such vehicles are designed to fulfill the necessities of high-end …

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