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Technologies That Are Changing the Auto Industry

Every industry changes to better or worse. The auto industry considered one of those industries that have gone through the most changes. Automakers will continue to include as many technologies as they can in their latest car models.

Design Technology

Cars look very different than they did in the 30s and 50s. Nowadays, people make cars with comfort, luxury, and innovation in mind. Today’s cars are sleeker and run more smoothly than they did decades ago. Many different types are manufactured these days, from luxury cars to SUVs.

Many looks and colours are associated with each car brand. Auto shops allow the option to customize any feature on the car.


Green Technology

Many car manufacturers have jumped into the green vehicle market, catering to green consumers. Green vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses, are noted for energy-conserving engines and usage of alternative fuels.

The combined efforts of green car manufacturers have reduced the emissions of greenhouse gases in the air, such as methane and carbon dioxide. Global health has improved with the reduced numbers of cancers and respiratory illnesses in humans.


Gas and petroleum are nonrenewable resources that are difficult to find in the world. In contrast, green cars include the use of biofuels that are renewable and readily available.

Biodiesel, bioethanol, and ethanol blends are commonly used to power these vehicles. Biodiesel is made from fats and oils, while bioethanol made from plants. Each year, billions of gallons of biofuels are produced to reduce the need for coal and petroleum.


Safety Technology

Since the beginning of cars, more safety features have been introduced in the designs. Nowadays, there are hundreds of more safety features than there were when cars were first invented. Driver drowsiness detection is one technology that has kept drivers alert and prevented them from dozing off on the road.


Different car brands have different names for the same feature. BMW has a feature called Active Driving Assistant that monitor’s the driver’s behaviour and displays a symbol to suggest that he or she should rest. Mercedes-Benz has a tool that includes information on the nearest stops for caffeine and rest.

Innovation is a significant goal for most automakers.

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