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The Lamborghini Urus Review

Check out the new Lamborghini Urus.

The New Lamborghini Urus doesn’t have many models to compare and select. But that’s doesn’t mean that this model is un-customizable, it’s catalog is full of many options for every tiny part and detail which is more than enough to customize a car that suits your personality. If you love fast cars, luxury or even off-road, you will find a suitable combination to make your dream car come true.


Urus has a very nice package that offers front and surrounds camera and blind-spot detection, called “Full Active Driver Assist.”

Overall Rating

Although Lamborghini is known for Supercars. It didn’t ignore the trend in the car market today, Lamborghini thought that it would succeed if it made an attractive, powerful SUV, that led us to have the Urus.

Urus is not Lamborghini first SUV, Lamborghini produced the LM002 back in the 80s, it was sort of a military SUV, But the Urus is somehow different than it’s older sister LM002, The urus is very fast, big 21-inch wheel, capable of reaching a speed makes every cop in town start chasing you


If SUVs cars have their championship, Urus will be the winner for sure. It can do 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds and reach a top speed of 190 mph

The hidden monster under its front hood consists of 4.0 liter V8 with dual turbo, attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission with dual-clutch. Capable of producing 641 hp and 627 pounds of torque with many choices of drive mode to the AWD system


With its massive power and huge size, it has, according to Lamborghini, the biggest size carbon-ceramic brakes size at 17.3 inches, Although the chassis is the same as Porche Cayenne and Audi Q8 the outside lines belongs to Lamborghini known attractive style, One of the disadvantages of the Urus is the tiny trunk

Models of Urus

Urus has four seats with a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 with four-wheel drive

It’s model support full customization, so it’s owners will have the choice to create it to be suitable for street comfort or to achieve the ultimate performance or in the middle between comfort and performance

The standard model of Urus has an engine generating 641 hp with 627 lp of torque. The eight-speed automatic transmission supports all-wheel drive driving with four-wheel drive steering to introduce the most stable control while driving

The suspension system has an air suspension system with dynamic and active roller control. Also, it has a standard LED headlight, electric folding side mirrors, and electric hatches.

There’s a 12.3 digital dashboard, 12 position seat memory, and seat heating option

Lamborghini-Urus Cabin

The back half of the cabin can be adjusted to hold three persons or just two in sports seat mode with 4 zones automatic temperature climate control for the whole cabin

Urus also equipped with two touch screens, navigation system and an eight speakers  sound system with USB and Bluetooth feature

Standard security system features an anti-theft alarm, and auxiliary equipment has front and rear parking sensor, high beam assistance lane exit warning

Auxiliary Options

Urus allow many colors and materials options to choose from, 22-inches or 23-inch wheels, panoramic roof, rails on the roof, laminated colored glass, trailer package, rear-seat heating, front-seat ventilation, premium surround sound system, Apple car play, and Android smartphone integration and backseat entertainment.

Also, Urus offers surrounding vision camera system, night vision, front display, and active lane adjustment, and adaptive cruise control.

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