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The new Ford S-Max review

Why MPV vehicle such as Ford S-Max is growing? Well, you have to ignore the fact that Ford S-Max is not a funky SUV and has a taste of an “airport taxi race.” But do not think that s-max is boring, familiar rudder — historically, it has been a smell of “airport taxi.” Of course, all versions are equipped with seven seats to keep the whole family together.

But there’s more in S-max than that. So should you look to buy a competitor with more than seven seats, such as the Citroen Grand C4, the Seat Alhambra and VW Touran? Read on the following to learn about our in-depth impressions and recommendations on tuning levels and engines.


 How it’s in driving and how quiet it is?

The series started with 1.5 litres of turbocharged gasoline, but this engine is difficult to recommend because of its relatively high CO2 emissions and less impressive fuel economy in the real world. Similarly, although the performance of 2.0-litre turbocharged gasoline is very impressive for MPV, this engine will be costly to run compared to diesel alternatives due to poor fuel economy.

We can avoid the weaker diesel engines; the 2.0-litre 118hp unit needs to work hard when S-max loads people and luggage. However, the 148hp version of the same Engine pulls strong enough in a wide range of rev. So it can easily cope with heavy loads on the vehicle., and provide the best performance and economy in alignment.

There are also versions of 178hp and 207hp 2.0 litres of diesel. The first is worth considering if you want a little more. But from the top version, only a six-speed automatic gearbox is available, because of its high price, it is difficult to recommend.

 Comfort for suspension and driving

We can consider S-max a little bit sporty according to the standard of MPV with reasonably firm suspension. So it tends to pick up small flaws on the road from side to side on a lower speed. if you often travel long distances, the s-max the right choice

The sports suspension has become more robust in ST-line s-max, but the difference is insignificant if compared to the standard fit.

S-Max Handling

MPVs don’t get way more gratifying to drive than the S-Max; it combines uncountable grip with nominal body lean. It handles sort of a smaller, lighter automobile and is imposingly agile on twisting roads. Though the steering is inclined to come back to the centre rather too sharply. It’s precise enough to assist you to place the automobile precisely wherever you wish it through bends. It’s additionally simple to spin at low speeds, make the parking is comparatively tight areas amazingly simple.

Body movements also are exceptionally well-controlled. Therefore the S-Max doesn’t suffer from the unstable, wallowy road manners that afflict several alternative MPVs.

The S-Max is not any spring chicken and maybe the one space wherever it’s setting out to show its age is braking. Moreover, as feeling quite wood and troublesome to modulate at low speeds. The pedal wants a considerable quantity of pressure to induce enough stopping power from higher speeds, particularly once the automobile is laden.

Noise and vibration

All of the engines we’ve tried are calm and sweet. The 148bhp 2.0-litre diesel – which can be the best choice for many buyers– is additionally refined than the equivalent engines in rivals together with the C4. It solely becomes noticeable at high revs, and you don’t feel too several vibrations through the key controls.

There’s road noise on the highway – particularly on versions with huge alloy wheels – however, it’s not louder than most key competitors.  The S-Max has done an impressive job of crushing wind noise. The fuel engines notably quiet, particularly around the city.

The six-speed manual gearbox features a smooth action that produces it pleasant to use. Also the Powershift automatic ‘box (standard with some engines and elective on others) shifts nicely.


Interior design.

Seat position slightly lower than normal, unlike a few MPVs. Some drivers may prefer higher driving positions like other MPVs, while others prefer the additional slope arrangement of s-max.

Either way, there are great settings to help you find a comfortable driving position. And you’re less likely to suffer pain during a long trip since the adjustable body part support is standard for all models.

Our only criticism is that the layout of the board is not easy to use, and adjusting a/c is not as simple as it should be.
Front visibility is excellent thanks to the thin pillars of the windscreen and the large glass space. The blind spot area is smaller than in any other MPV.

But keep in mind that it is no worse than its competitors. The doors and windows are deep, and the edges rise smoothly, which means that the visibility on the shoulders is very nice.

Therefore, you will appreciate the quality of the front and rear parking sensors, while the front and rearview cameras are the selectivities of the titanium model. The quality of heated windshield can be a benefit in the cold morning.
Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system is fitted. The entry-level satellite will cost much higher, but you will find it as a standard option for titanium models.

On the bright screen, shows fingerprints, especially once the sun shines. The menu design can be even extra intuitive, and most icons are quite small and difficult to hit while driving.

Voice management is activated by pressing the steering wheel button, usually enough. It allows you to choose your cute songs from your USB connection MP3 player or call, select a destination or adjust A/C. There are two USB ports, which is a standard feature, so charging your home phone should not cause any problems.

S-Max Cabin

S-Max design intends to provide the most available space to the driver. There’s a massive space for legs, and headspace is equally generous. There’s lots of room for you and your front rider.

Ford-S-Max-Driving Console

Storage space is equally spectacular. The door has wide and deep bins, and between the seats, there’re 2 cupholders, alongside an outsized lidded storage bin. The glovebox has a fair size.

Six-footers will be happy within the middle row of seats, due to generous head, knee room. There’s additionally enough house to suit a rear kid seat behind the driver seat. Thanks to Isofix mounting points, It’s simple to fit a baby seat to any seat on the middle-row.

The S-Max has the Easyfold option. You manage to fold down the five rear seats by pressing buttons. It is often a very cost-efficient option and makes it straightforward to increase the size of the load space.

However, Moving seats manually involves a good amount of hand strength. It rivals have lighter seats that need less manhandling.

There’s enough house for one or two of baggage even with all seven seats in use, as there’s in most equally sized MPVs. If you wish a lot of bags house with a full quota of passengers aboard, you should take a look at the giant Galaxy model.

When you fold two back seats into the floor, you get a considerable space enough to contain a big size luggage bags. If you wish even a lot of space, let’s say 2000 litres of a loading bay, folding the middle-row seats achieve the target

Ford S-Max Equipment, choices and extras

We’d chose the entry-level Zetec trim as a result of it’s reasonably priced, and you still get the alloy wheels. Front and rear parking sensors and also the eight-inch touchscreen motion-picture show system.

Some excellent features introduced in the Titanium category, automatic lights, keyless start, cruise control and sat-nav. Though, it does not seem like the best value for money.



Like all Fords, the S-Max comes with a three-year, 60,000-mile guarantee and one year’s breakdown warranty. It’s often same as the warranty provided by most automobile corporations; however, it’s less than Kia with seven-year, 100,000-mile guarantee option.

Safety and security

The front-seat area protected by front and side airbags, also a knee airbag for the driver. There are window airbags that cover the first and second rows. Too bad that these don’t extend to the third row, like other MPV such as  Peugeot 5008 and Seat Alhambra.

The S-Max achieved the five-star rating in a known crash test named “the Euro NCAP.” However, if you want to have automatic emergency braking, you have to pay extra.

The S-Max versions are introduced optional with a system that warns you for any vehicle in your blind spot. Titanium category and higher have lane-keep assist and traffic signal recognition features.

Security equipment is almost complete, S-Max comes with an engine immobilizer (Anti-theft), alarm and remote central locking.

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