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The new Kia Seltos, a real joy to drive.

The latest release of Kia, The Seltos, We think it will perform very well in united states if sold there, Seltos has a stylish design with plenty of options and features which means Kia done a great work producing this car

The new 2021-kia-seltosIt’s not confirmed to be sold in united states yet, but considering the stylish design and modern features. It’s a confirmed winner on cars market, it has the powertrain and platform of Hyundai Kona, but its driving position is slightly higher than Kona with bigger rear-seat space, also when you fold the rear seat, you get bigger cargo space. The Seltos Dimension is 4.31m long, 1.62m high and 1.8m wide, it’s wheelbase is 2.61m, and the cargo capacity is 433 liter

Tough Appearance, elegant Details

Seltos dimensions are smaller than the Kia Sportage and bigger than the Kia Soul. Outside lines very close to them but with Seltos new spirit, Seltos has a new Led exterior lighting design, it’s shaped like a heartbeat, starts over the roof of the car down to each headlamp side


The raked windshield, floating roof inspire the motion sense for anyone looks at the Seltos, but the high, wide body with upper roof skid and 18-inch wheels make it looks like a SUV. This car is better seen in person than in a picture. It’s much more beautiful in reality.

Let’s agree that it’s not a luxury car, but. It’s introduced an overall quality. The design of the cabin makes you satisfied with it. It has a 10.3-inch touch screen. interior lights, heated front, and rear seats ventilated front seats and a head-up display in the rear seats, bose sound system with eight-speaker 400w, 8-way powered driver seat, sunroof, blind view monitor and a 360-degree camera

kia-seltos-touch screen

Kia Seltos Powertrain options

Seltos has four engines to choose from, all of them are inline-four engine, 1.6 naturally aspirated, 1.6 turbocharged, Atkinson-cycle 2.0 liter and Diesel. Using the front wheel for traction is standard in all models, the 4wd is optional,

The naturally aspirated engine will produce 113 hp and 144nm. The diesel engine will produce 113HP with 250nm. The Turbo engine will develop 138hp and 242nm. The transmissions options will vary between the 6-speed manual gearbox, 7-speed automatic transmission, The T-GDI version is the fastest one. It’s capable of 0 to 60 in 9.7 seconds. The petrol engine does it in 11.8 seconds and the diesel in 11.5 seconds.


The power train looks very similar to the Kona. It’s very responsive in busy streets. Handles the car movement very well and always ready and awake for fast response when trying to do some aggressive driving style. Shifts are swapped nice and smooth when cruising around and moving to the highway, but as always, nothing is perfect, on low speed, there’s some lag in transmission shifts.

Handling is very nice, and Agility personality is apparent in its handling characteristics, it’s not usual in a high cross over. Nissan Rogue and Jeep Compass belongs to the same Seltos category and doesn’t share the same driving character with Seltos



Kia Done an excellent work designing and producing the Seltos. in standard and optional features, especially the lane following assist which when used with optional adaptive cruise control will allow the driver to have some hands-free driving for a short amount of time

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